Access to Reports and Information

  • The Joint Health and Safety Committee requires timely access to pertinent information necessary for the faithful execution of its functions under the OHSA.

  • The JHSC may require access to the following non-exhaustive list of information and reports. (Please note that all members of a JHSC has access to this information.)

  • Other information also might also reasonably be required at time to time by a Joint Health and Safety Committee.

  • If the JHSC (any member) is denied access to information or reports believed to be necessary for the execution of its duties, please contact the OECTA-HW office or the Health and Safety Advisor for guidance.

Dangers and Hazards

  • Sources of danger or hazards (persons, materials, work practices, processes, or equipment)

  • Designated Substance Reports (Asbestos, lead, mercury, etc)

  • Remediation reports (Asbestos, lead, mercury, mould, etc

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Hazard reporting forms

  • Information/reports related to major spills of a hazardous substance

  • Information respecting the identification of potential or existing hazards of materials, processes or equipment.

  • Information concerning the conducting or taking of tests of any equipment, machine, device, article, thing, material or biological, chemical or physical agent in or about a workplace for the purpose of occupational health and safety.

  • Information pertaining to hazardous waste removal

Accident and Incident Reporting

  • Injury/Accident Reports

Reports created when a person is disabled from performing his or her usual work or requires medical attention.

  • Incident Reports

Reports created when a person documents an incident with their supervisor, such as a slip or an impact to their head at recess, but an injury requiring healthcare and/or time off did not occur.

  • Critical Injury Reports

Injuries of a serious nature that: (a) places life in jeopardy, (b) produces unconsciousness, (c) results in substantial loss of blood, (d) involves the fracture of a leg or arm but not a finger or toe, (e) involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot but not a finger or toe, (f) consists of burns to a major portion of the body, or (g) causes the loss of sight in an eye.

    • Immediate notification via phone or other direct means.

    • Any written report(s) of the circumstances of the occurrence shall be given within 48 hours of the occurrence.

  • Notice of Occupational Illness

A condition that results from exposure to a physical, chemical or biological agent where the health of the worker is impaired and includes an occupational disease which a worker is covered by WSIB.

    • Reports containing the prescribed information must be given within four days.

  • Annual Summary of WSIB Data

Violence and Harassment Reporting

  • Violent incident reports involving a student or other individual.

  • Programs relating to workplace violence and harassment.

  • Assessments and re-assessments of risks of violence.

  • incident reports.

  • Safe Schools threat and/or risk assessments

  • Safe Schools incident reporting forms

  • Physical intervention incident reports

  • Student safety plans (eg triggers, observable behaviours, interventions, measures to control/de-escalate risk of violent behaviour)

  • Behavioural support plans

  • Reports relating to a student with a history of violence and/or poses a risk of violence

  • Safe Schools student transition plans and reports relating to transition meetings (ie. relating to non-voluntary or unusual movement of a student to a new school within the school year or at the end of a semester in order to promote school safety)

  • Student action plans, re-entry plans, and reports from planning meetings relating to an expelled student returning or transferring to a school

  • Bullying prevention and intervention programs/plans

Other Information and Reports Concerning...

  • Employer's health and safety policy and program

  • Roof maintenance reports/records

  • Fire Log Book

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Fire drill records

  • Emergency Lighting Inspections

  • Basketball backboard inspection records

  • Elevating Devices Inspection Records

  • Information respecting health and safety experience and work practices and standards in similar or other industries of which the constructor or employer has knowledge.

Ministry of Labour Reports

  • Ministry of Labour Orders and Field Visit Reports

  • Inspector's decision following investigation of a work refusal